St Cloud Tournaments:   


Saturday,  January 19th 2019     11’s 12’s 13’s 14’s

12’s results jan 29 2019 

results 13_14’s jan 19_

results 14’s jan 19 _

Sunday, January 20th 2019     15’s 16’s 17’s 18’s

results 15_16’s jan 20

results 17_18’s jan 20_

 Saturday March 2nd,  2019

Mar 2 11:12’s Schedule

Mar 2 13’s Schedule

Mar 2 14’s Schedule 2

Sunday March 3rd, 2019                         Mar 3 15’s Schedule 

Mar 3 16’s Schedule

Mar 3 17:18’s Schedule



2019 St Cloud Tournaments Entry form

24th Annual Granite City Tournament 

April 6th 2019

11’s 12’s 13’s 15’s 16’s

April 7th  2019

 11’s  12’s  14’s 17’s 18’s

24th Annual Granite City entry

Entry Fee $125.00  No Admission Fees or 5 team pools


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